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MyCTO is a one-stop solution for any Startup’s Tech requirement. We aim to be the extended arm of startups, thus providing end to end services, at the lowest price in market so that they can focus on their actual game!

✔  We Deliver according to your client’s perspective.

✔ We have a dedicated team for market research.

✔  We are there for you 24 X 7 for any rainy day event.

✔ Content and Design are the two most important part of any website, and thus we spend our most attention and energy on that part.


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Powerful IT Solutions

Providing a wide range of services for your Successful Startup’s Tech Front.

Ui/Ux Design

People ignore design that ignores people. We believe that design is everywhere, but good design is rare and piece of art that represents your presence everywhere you or your product goes!

Web Development

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that. Delivering the most custom designed, user-friendly and lead generating websites at the cheapest.

Content Research and Copywriting

What's so special about your favourite food ordering app, is it the food or the notifications that are so lucrative to read. Good content is they to your promotion. Food for thought!

Application Development

We have expertise in building mobile and web applications designed in a way to engage the audience.

Digital Marketing

We have a dedicated team for building and growing your social media and digital presence. Organic and Rapid Growth is our only goal for your social media presence.

Get In Touch

A small action has the potential to change big things in your life, what’s the problem in trying when it is free. Contact Us and we will guide you in whatever tech problem you are stuck in.

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